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Mach Technology

What the Data Centre means to the Sunshine Coast

The new Mach Technology Cooroy Data Centre, built with the support of the Australian Government's Clever Networks program and the Sunshine Coast Regional Council, will bring for the first time a world-class internet data centre capability to the Sunshine Coast region.

For the first time, some of the worlds-best applications and technology will be available locally to businesses and the community - at capital city prices or better!

The Data Centre will be built to strict high availability and security requirements, and will include protected power services (with backup generator and UPS supply), VESDA fire detection and gaseous fire suppression, HVAC, 24/7 monitoring, etc all managed from a purpose built Network Operations Centre at Noosa Civic.

The Data Centre facility will include multiple backhaul links from multiple carriers; however, the primary network connectivity will be supplied by Allegro Networks, the carrier partner to the Clever Networks project. Mach's Data Centre is being built using best of breed technology sourced globally, and will represent the state of the art in Data Centre and applications hosting capability.

What does Open Access mean?

It means that other businesses that depend upon and resell hosted technology to their customers, can access the platform on equal terms. Mach Technology has a Wholesale Reseller program based on equal terms - identical to those that Mach Technology uses itself to deliver services to its customers.

Reseller uptake is expected to come from the following areas:
  • Graphics design and web design
  • Computer / IT services
  • Online businesses
  • Digital media

Where is the Data Centre positioned and why?

The Data Centre is positioned at Cooroy, and is a strategic platform piece of the regional Knowledge Economy development strategy.

From a technical perspective, the location meets the geographical and environmental requirements for a Data Centre, and is positioned on multiple fibre optic trunks & redundant microwave links that connect it to the global interconnect hubs in Brisbane.

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