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Sunshine Coast Council


The Sunshine Coast Regional Council is leading the charge towards a knowledge based regional economy for which this infrastructure is critical.  The Connecting the Coast project is aimed at creating a technological solution to alleviate any economic disadvantage on Queenslands Sunshine Coast.

This project is facilitating connectivity to high speed broadband by connecting government, local business, educational institutions, health-care providers and the general community in partnership to secure over $11m in funding for much-needed new broadband infrastructure on the Sunshine Coast.

Some of the initiatives Council is continuing work with under the Connecting the Coast project include:

  • Demand aggregation for Get Involved which enables assistance in facilitating information to improve services in the region;
  • Facilitating - meeting with people and organisations who have potential strategic linkages for this project and the region;
  • Educating - via electronic media, such as this website, newsletters, e-bulletins through to presentations to community groups, business, associations and other organisations that seek our input;
  • Communicating - Bringing together the information from users to the industry and government to help influence policy and investment decisions;
  • Established a Reference Group to bring together potential users of the network and industry representatives;
  • Working with Australian Government and the State Government to facilitate the best possible outcome from the National Broadband Network and other funding initiatives.
  • Implementing planning scheme policies and codes to ensure new development achieves world-class standards.

The Sunshine Coast economy is characterised by factors such as its small scale, the need for environmental sensitivity, a service industry base, and high levels of creative and cultural value.  Within this context, supporting the knowledge economy is essential to the regions future prosperity, and resolving issues of connectivity - in terms of internet access and stakeholder relationships - is the essential element of the Connecting the Coast project.

Delivering world-class, high-speed broadband at metropolitan prices will reduce the local economys reliance on more traditional industries such as retail and tourism; aid the regeneration of communities which have lost their traditional economic base; and enable the future proofing of the Sunshine Coast region.

The Sunshine Coast Council believes that Connecting the Coast is the prototype for private/public collaborative projects of this kind, demonstrating their capacity to innovate and achieve great results for our community.

For further information on Councils involvement of the Connecting the Coast project, please contact Michael Whereat, Economic Programs Manager - Office of the Digital Economy.