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Corporate entities on the Sunshine Coast can now be comfortable that they have reliable technology to support their business. It's a major boost for the region.
Ricky Balea - Infrastructure Manager, Youi Insurance.


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Testimonials A creative, knowledge business like ours depends on high speed, world class broadband connectivity. dtb! Advertising utilises the internet to transport our services to clients across the Sunshine Coast and beyond. The ability to communicate from a regional location in a fast, efficient and effective manner allows us to base our business on the Sunshine Coast and enjoy the lifestyle benefits the region provides. Having recently gained access to Allegro Networks high speed broadband through the Connecting the Coast initiative we are delighted with the efficiencies this has delivered. Improved downloads, transfer and sending of large files has resulted in increased productivity and the ability for us to deliver a higher standard of client service. Connecting the Coast has enabled us to compete more effectively on a local, national and global level. In sum, Connecting the Coast is simply good for business.
Joan Molloy - dtb! Advertising

Technology is a major platform of our business, and the insurance industry as a whole. Government regulators stipulate that we must have data available 24/7. In order to do that, we need two or more technology providers, so if for some reason one fails, the other is there to serve as a backup. The arrival of the new high speed fibre service on the coast has removed our reliance on the traditional copper network, which was much more susceptible to failure resulting from weather elements, and as a result, much less reliable.

The new technology also gives us the flexibility to expand our bandwidth requirement speedily as the business-demand grows. Allegro can provide additional capacity virtually by flicking a switch, so we've got immediacy and convenience. Corporate entities on the Sunshine Coast can now be comfortable that they have reliable technology to support their business. It's a major boost for the region.
Ricky Balea - Infrastructure Manager, Youi Insurance.

World class connectivity is as an important piece of infrastructure to a region as good roads, good hospitals, and good schools. The arrival of this sort of facility on the Sunshine Coast enables businesses to set up and compete globally, while at the same time, enjoy the lifestyle the region provides. On a business to business level, Allegro demonstrated a personal understanding of Ingenero's specific requirements. They offered flexibility which enabled us to scale rapidly from 10 to 40 people in the space of 12 months - without the huge upfront commitment. Their responsiveness was also excellent - connectivity within 6 to 7 days - compared with 6 to 7 weeks offered by the conventional carriers.
Hugh Butler - Business Systems Manager, Ingenero

This new level of connectivity has significantly enhanced the administration of our educational programs, and in turn, the learning experience of our students. Previously we had to rely on a residential grade DSL service - with standard down load speeds of 380KB/sec. But now with 10MG/sec, we can effectively host our website and a whole range of applications internally. Through the e-learning portals, students can log in off site, and complete exercises at home, so they've got flexibility and convenience. In school transport terms, we've jumped off the rickety old school bus, and climbed aboard the luxury, V8 double decker super coach.
Mike Rodgers - IT Manager Immanuel College

As a provider of student accommodation, we have the specific challenge of providing a large number of high volume internet users - upto 500 at any given time - with a high speed internet service. These are voracious users! So we need quality as well as quantity - up to a Terrabyte of data every month - even higher in peak periods. The students have strong internet needs, and we're obliged to meet those needs in order to run our business efficiently. In that sense, Allegro's premium service is the perfect solution.
David Summers - Manager, Varsity Apartments, Sippy Downs

We have found the access to be of high availability, secure and reliable, offering our clients a trusted path to the internet. Having a second carrier in the region has two main effects , firstly it introduces competition with the incumbent which should lead to improved service and cost competition, but also it recognises the Sunshine Coast as a growth area in the technology field and supports our positioning as a technology hub.
Nigel Hall - Entrepreneur in residence, Sunshine Coast Innovation Centre