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The students have strong internet needs, and we're obliged to meet those needs in order to run our business efficiently. In that sense, Allegro's premium service is the perfect solution.
David Summers - Manager, Varsity Apartments, Sippy Downs


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What services are you offering?

8 September 2010: Hi, I was just wondering what services you have on offer and what pricing is available and where this is available. I live in Maroochydore and would like to do some hosting, either commercially or just privately for friends, etc.

The Connecting the Coast website has been set up as an information hub for broadband access on the Sunshine Coast. The project was established in 2007 with the help of Australian Government funding to introduce competition in the region for business grade services.

Today, the region now has significantly more options for all businesses and residential users then when we began. For those businesses and residents outside of the exchange locations and with poor 3G signals (due largely to distance, vegetation and or hills) there as still a lot of ground to catch up.

Allegro Networks and Mach Technology are the private partners to Council for the project. Their business grade products and services can be accessed via the links on the site.  Your interest in hosting may be resolved by visiting www.mach.com.au.   

A key role for the Connecting the Coast website is to assist users to access independent information on broadband to enable Sunshine Coast businesses and residents to make an informed decision.