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dtb! Advertising utilises the internet to transport our services to clients across the Sunshine Coast and beyond.Connecting the Coast is simply good for business.
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Internet, VOIP, Resort Connections, Private Networks and more...
Servers, Storage, Hosting, dedicated CMS, CRM and more..
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What's available now?

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What is real broadband?

Fast up & down!

Want to upload and download at the same fast speeds? Connecting the Coast products offer symmetric high speed internet access, meaning information is uploaded and downloaded at the same high speeds.



Private Network Ready!

Link your locations together and share a single broadband connection across the home business at a lower cost and with the best possible performance.


Voice Ready!

With Connecting the Coast products in place, why not add voice? We can offer real voice quality when both your voice and data traffic is carried over our network. The call dropouts and poor line quality that you may have experienced up until now with internet telephony will soon be a distant memory.


Quality Guarantee

Connecting the Coast home business customers enjoy agreed service levels that are guaranteed. Indeed we are so confidant of meeting them that we offer generous rebates on fees in the unlikely event that they are ever breached.



Up to 40 Mbps!

Enjoy the fastest speeds available with competitive pricing. Speedy uploads and downloads mean effortless use of online services and applications.



No Dupes

The dupe is over. Real broadband is here, with Connecting the Coast’s next generation WiMAX network. Real broadband is like nothing you have experienced before.